DAP Logo Usage Guidelines

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DAP is the #1 brand recognized by consumers and contractors in the caulks, sealants, insulating foams, spackling, glazing, and other general repair products categories. In order to maintain this strength of market position, it is essential that the DAP logo be used consistently.

DAP Logo-type

  • The DAP trademark logo, commonly referred to as the “Putty Knife,” is always positioned at a 15° angle to the horizontal plane as illustrated below. The Putty Knife logo is a registered trademark and must always contain the ® within the logo.

  • When used on packaging, the Putty Knife logo should appear as a white putty knife with a black outline, black DAP lettering and a black ® registered trademark symbol.

DAPwear & Promotional Items

  • When the DAP logo is to be used on non-packaging promotional items (i.e. clothing, hats, pens, notebooks, keychains, etc.) the 15° rule must be adhered to and the white putty knife with a black outline look is always preferred. However, the outline and DAP lettering of the Putty Knife logo may be printed in a different color if deemed necessary for the individual item, the putty knife itself should retain the background color of the item on which it is printed/adhered.
  • In order to maintain a professional appearance while still highlighting the brand, it is recommended that when printing the DAP logo on a shirt/sweater/jacket of any kind (other than a t-shirt), the DAP logo must be no smaller than 1” and no larger than 2” in height.
  • The preferred location for the DAP logo on a shirt/sweater/jacket is on the left chest. To avoid a conflict or competing brand recognition, there are to be no other additional brand/manufacturer emblems located anywhere on the front of the shirt/sweater/jacket. It is permissible however, to have another brand emblem located on the sleeve or back of the garment. If you have any questions about whether your potential shirt is within the recommended DAPwear style guidelines, please contact DAP’s Creative Services Manager at 410-675-2100 x12269.

DAP Tagline

  • The DAP Tagline “You’ll find us in all the right Places.®” is a registered trademark and should always contain a ® registered trademark symbol at the end of the phrase. The font that should be used for this is Goudy or Goudy Bold. The DAP Putty Knife logo usually appears before the tagline on all DAP packaging, but is not necessary on promotional material if the DAP logo appears elsewhere on the promotional item.

DAP Logo-type used the Black Band

  • This treatment is used on most DAP packaging including ship cases, to increase the visibility of the Putty Knife logo.
  • The Black Band is a registered trademark and should display a small ® symbol at the end of the band in either the lower right- or left-hand corner, as illustrated here.

  • The thickness of the Black Band can vary within the different package sizes and shapes, but the Putty Knife logo should remain in proportion with the band as indicated above

DAP Logo-Type Used with Black Band and Partial Putty Knife

  • This trade address is most commonly used on the DAP® Repair Products line and its promotional materials. The Partial Putty Knife is also a registered trademark. When using all 3 items, the Putty Knife logo, the Black Band and the Partial Putty Knife, the ® registered trademark symbol should appear within the Putty Knife logo and in the upper right-hand corner of the black Partial Putty Knife. The ® should not appear in the Black Band. See example below:

For approval of exceptions to any of these specific Logo Usage Guidelines, please contact DAP’s V.P. of Marketing or Creative Services Manager at 410-675-2100.